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Send Cards To Love Ones After You’ve Passed Away

With Afterlife-Cards, you can send that special person or loved ones a rare gift after you've passed away. I lost my daughter to cancer who was just 31 when she died, after her passing, I thought that I would never hear from her again and so I looked into whether anyone provided a service to deliver cards from people, who knew their lives were ending very soon. To my surprise, there was nothing available and so Afterlife-Cards was born.

Give That Special Person a Unique & Rare Surprise.

Just imagine, being able to send a card to loved ones or family after you’ve passed away. Still having the ability to surprise them one more time or maybe more times, it’s up to you. Whatever the occasion, we have it covered. Rest assured that we will do everything to make sure your cards are delivered on time and to the right person when the time is near. This is a unique service like no other - Afterlife Cards

So How Does It Work

The process is quite simple. You write out the card like you would normally do & you write the address on the envelope you’d like the card to be sent. You then place that card, along with the instructions of when you would like the card to be delivered on a separate piece of paper and place both the card and instructions inside a bigger envelope and send that to us. We then file that card at a secure location. When the time arrives, we send out your card. Should a card ever be returned to us because of a change of address, rest assured, we will find the new address and resend.

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